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Jul 22,2022

Face Towel comparison with Hand Towel: When To Use Which?

In the case of the people who take hygiene quite seriously, it is to distinguish the difference that is between both the towels, a towel that is used for the hands and a towel that is used for the face, as learning about their difference is considered as an essential thing. To know the difference between both types of towels, we first need to look at the details of both the types of towels that exists. 


How are Both the Hand Towel and Face Towel Different From Each Other?

Hand Towels are Larger


When we compare both the hand and the face towel, we get to see that the hand towels are relatively more oversized in size compared to the face towel, which is relatively quite smaller in size. Usually, the more oversized towels are the towels that are almost 16" x 30", whereas the face towels are about the size of 13" x 13". It is very much easier to differentiate between them and tell the difference in the size just by paying a glance at it, as the difference in the size is quite visible.


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They are Designed to Serve the Purpose that They are Named After


In the case of the towels, there is a specific rule that is followed as it is the purpose that tells how many times the towel is supposed to be used and when it needs to be displayed. However, a lot of us usually do not pay much attention to the towels that we are using, we use the same type of towel for almost all the tasks, but in actuality, both the types of towels are pretty different from each other as the face towels are designed in a way that they give your face the best possible care, they dry up your face quickly and helps in getting rid of extra water, soap, oils and other chemicals in the form of cosmetics and other face products. These types of towels are usually present at hotels, spas, beauty centers, etc. it is suggested to have a personal face towel in your own bathroom as well. This is because of the fact that the skin of our face is far more sensitive than the skin of our other parts of the body. Thus, it is suggested that one must have a separately washed face towel to avoid any damage to the user's skin. Hand towels are the towels that come in contact with different types of germs and dirt. Thus there should be a separate towel that should be there for the hands and for use over the face. 

The type of towel that is there to clean and dry you're your face, and the hand towels that you use to wash your hands should be separate. It is also beneficial in a way that when one allows hosting for friends or relatives as they should not be able to use the towel of your face for your hands or the towel of their hands for your face as they should be kept separate. To separate both the towels, one should place all the hand towels in a basket somewhere near the sink and display the face towels on a hanger, as it is best to keep a separate bowl for both purposes.


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If one wants to be clean and sanitary, then one needs to have separate hand towels and face towels in the bathroom. This will be beneficial in a lot of ways, as when hosting the guests, it would make it convenient for the users to pick the type of towels that we need to use.


Face Towels are Softer While Hand Towels are Resilience


When you think of entering into the realm of towels, you get to come across various threads and fabrics. The familiar type of choices that are often selected for the materials like 100% organic cotton, blends of bamboo, fabric in the form of Turkish and Egyptian cotton, and even the formation of microfibers. To get the best for your need, one must know which kind of fabric would be the most suitable according to their need.

The face is a part of the body that is very sensitive, and it requires a very gentle touch. When one plans on getting a towel for themselves, they need to check and make sure that the towel that you are using is softer and smoother for the use of the face. It is suggested that one must choose the help of microfibers that are relatively smoother and more effective. 

In the case of the hand towels, we get to see that a hand towel should not only be long-lasting but should also be hygienic and still be gentle over the skin. In the case of the hand towels, the most suitable material that is suggested is in the form of the bamboo blend or in the form of Turkish cotton. Hand towels should be softer and should be resilient enough to withstand pressures. 


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Face Towels Require Frequent Cleaning and washing


Towels are used to dry the face and the body; it helps keep your face and hands clean, but as much as they clean the hands and face, they also absorb and accumulate germs and dirt from the beginning and the arrows. Overusing these contaminated towels can cause a lot of harm in the form of germs and bacteria. It is essential to change the towel quite frequently around every other day as the different germs accumulated on the face towels could lead to contaminating the face and cause germs and bacteria. Performing practices like wiping dirt, clearing the oils of the skin, washing the beginning, and shaving the foam can cause the wearing of a towel and do not allow it to last for an extended period of time.

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